MLB Steel has published its latest load tables for parallel beams, which can be directly downloaded from the link below.

The loads are shown are in kilo Newtons per metre (kN/m), and are calculated in accordance with BS 5950-1: 2000 and 5:1998 which recommends that unfactored imposed load deflections are limited to span/360 where applicable.

The safe working loads shown in red type are calculated with a deflection limit of

The load tables are based on:

The top (compression) chord of the beam is provided with adequate lateral restraints at spacings not greater than 1.8m.

The load is uniformly distributed on the full span.

Roof beams are fabricated with an upward camber. The approximate camber for various spans is shown in the tables. Floor joists are supplied straight unless a camber is specifically requested.

When design requirements are for depths greater than 2.0m, or when curved, pitched or tapered profiles are required, please refer to LatticeSPEC design software or consult the MLB Steel Technical Department.


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