With the industry heading back to work this month, it will be critical to manage any uncertainty within the workplace. Many employees will be used to a certain way of working, having been in the industry, and in some cases, in the same company, for many years. Returning to work will present new challenges, and could mean changing habits of a lifetime, but at MLB we firmly believe it will also give way to new opportunities.

Here at MLB Steel we value all of our employees and understand that they are vital to our success. As the saying goes, “you only get out what you put in”. We firmly believe this is the case with our people, and over the past few months it has been warming to see the dedication and determination shown by Team MLB.

As a company, the health, wellbeing and safety of our team and our families is paramount, and we will be managing the return to full operation very carefully.

Working together as a team is going to be key for the next year in our business, and we are confident we will shine. We hope all our team will enjoy the rewards that come from this, even if the road along the way may be a little bumpy.

So how should we all manage our team in a crisis?
Three words summarise the focus of our attention over the coming year:
– Communication
– Morale
– Protection

At MLB, we already have a ‘Team MLB’ focus firmly in place, which places us a step ahead to successfully manage our people over the coming months. Key take-outs of what we should all be doing as an industry are:

Keep people informed and reassure them

Communication is key at any time, especially with what we are currently facing. As a management team, we always have an open door. However, it is important to ensure you cater for everyone. Some people thrive from face-to-face contact, others prefer to read about what is going on in their own space and time.
The management at MLB hold a weekly ‘Team Talk’ for all our staff to inform them about the business and discuss ideas. This ensures engagement and communicates our brand pillars. These talks will be crucial moving forward, as ideas will be what makes our business not just survive, but thrive.
We complement this with our new ‘Team MLB newsletter’, a quarterly newsletter which summarises what has been achieved, but also what we are hoping to focus on over the coming 3 months.

Give them a voice

Involve people in the future of the company. At MLB we want to give each and every one of our team responsibility for our brand, operations, people and marketing. Welcoming ideas and feedback are key to team morale and success. We recently ran a staff survey, so all of our employees had the opportunity to tell us what they feel we do well and highlight any areas we could do better. The best ideas come from people who are working hard for you day in and day out, and we firmly embrace that.

Ensure they are happy and healthy

A healthy and happy team is a productive one. Protecting and nurturing your team, ensuring they are both physically, mentally and emotionally happy, especially in the current climate, is key to moving forward. Promote talking and open communication, encourage regular breaks in the fresh air and keep them out of harm’s way as best as you can.

Develop them

Just because the world came to a sharp stop, and is slowly restarting, doesn’t mean developing our teams should be the same. As business tentatively finds its feet, it is the perfect opportunity to train, develop and evolve our people and our business.

Investing in our people now will not just lead to ultimate job satisfaction and a happy and productive workplace, but will build a loyal team to rebuild business with you. A little effort now will result in a happy future for the business and industry.

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