As this strange new world unfolds around us, the world is full of uncertainty, that even the generation before us has not experienced.

For a nation that is used to making plans and having freedom, we suddenly find ourselves living one day at a time and confined to our own homes.

Many businesses are already making tough decisions.

The construction industry has faced some criticism over the past few weeks for not acting quickly enough on the guidelines for social distancing.

As a company, the health, wellbeing and safety of our team and our families is paramount. We have to put on hold all the hopes and dreams we had for the business for a short time, and focus on what is important. Protecting our families, others and, critically, the NHS.

Therefore, we have decided to suspend delivery and installation for a little while, just until this invisible virus, our new enemy, is under control.

We all need to do our bit.

We still have staff available to take your questions and queries, and we will be working from home on quotations and day-to-day business matters. We are here to support our customers through this tricky period. We will continue to manufacture with a small skeleton staff.

We thank you for your understanding and patience, and look forward to an even stronger, more vibrant industry when things get back to normal.

We wish you, your staff and your family well.

Your friends at MLB Steel

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