MLB Steel are pleased to announce that we can now offer our customers a comprehensive metal decking service on a supply and installation basis. 

This new addition to our steel portfolio allows our customers to save time and money by sourcing all of their steel requirements through MLB Steel, and build the steel decking into their overall building design.

Through our partner, Anglian Metal Deck Ltd, we can provide metal decking solutions as an individual project, or as part of a larger installation. We offer three decking profiles, each available in 2 gauges, offering competitive performance and excellent value.

Composite steel deck is designed for use with structural concrete and is manufactured with mechanical embossments in the webs to create mechanical and chemical bond between the deck and the concrete.

The composite action allows the deck to serve as the tensile reinforcement for positive bending in the slab, which significantly reduces or eliminates the need for rebar in the slab and lowers material and labour costs.

The strength and durability of the steel provides a solid platform for construction on top of open web joists, structural steel, light gage framing, or masonry walls. The deck acts as a form for the concrete and is typically designed so that shoring is not required.

If you require any further information on our metal decking, please contact us on 01902 408011.


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