Earlier this month was International Women’s Day. The theme this year was #EachforEqual – an equal world is an enabled world. Across the globe, companies, charities, public sector and women from all backgrounds came together to champion a more equal and inclusive workplace.

At MLB Steel, we want to see more women not just in the construction industry, but working within the steel design, fabrication and installation business.

As a major UK player in structural steel fabrication for the building industry, we want to champion equality. For all our staff who work with us, we recently introduced a company-wide internal communications programme, designed to encourage inclusivity and equality, but we want to broaden this to encourage people from all backgrounds into the industry.

According to a recent report published by Women Into Construction, the ratio of men to women in construction is 87:13. On average only 9% of apprentices are women, and of those surveyed only 13% aged 16-25 would consider a career in construction. It’s no surprise then, that 72% of those questioned think the industry needs to do more to highlight the opportunities in the industry for women. Putting it bluntly, this is not good enough.

The common misconception is probably that construction = being a builder. Simply not true. Within the construction arena, there are opportunities for Project Managers, Specifiers, Architects, Designers, Engineers, Finance, HR, Carpenters, Inspectors…and the list goes on. In fact, it’s probably one of the most diverse industries there is.

Women in the steel industry actually dates back 100 years. In fact, historically more women worked in steel in the 1900’s than they do today in this more equal world. In Sheffield, there is even a ‘Women of Steel’ bronze statue, which celebrates the local women who worked in the city’s steel industry during both World Wars.

MLB Steel is heavily investing in our future. A future that sees us offering our customers the very best end-to-end service, including the design, fabrication, delivery and installation of all the construction industry’s structural steel needs. We are improving our communication and working environment and rewarding our people to make our company the best place to work in the industry. We want more equality in this future, and we want more women to work with us.

We want more Women of Steel.

If you are interested in discussing your future in the steel industry, we have a history that spans over 75 years, which has seen us supply most of the UK’s leading brands. Between us, we have knowledge, expertise and contacts. Oh, and we are a really friendly, approachable bunch of people too. Contact us if you are interested in starting your career in steel.

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