Eaves Cantilever Systems

Many of today’s modern architectural designs stand out due to their innovative cantilever designs.  However, cantilevers can be seen in many everyday structures from entrance canopies on buildings or forming shape and strength in bridges.

MLB has a history of producing high quality eaves cantilever systems, designed and fabricated by our experienced engineers. We can fabricate cantilever systems to your specification, or we can provide our own consultant engineers and design and then fabricate your system for you. Some of the most common cantilever systems that we produce include:

Small span cantilever

We can produce small span cantilevers of up to 1m and include stiffener angles which can be welded to the sides of the top chord to provide an economic cantilever solution.

Cantilever bolted to welded stub-post

This type can be used for medium span cantilevers of up to 2m. The cantilever arm is bolted to the end post which is supplied welded into the end of the lattice. Since the cantilever roof element does not require an insulation layer, the line of the supporting cantilever eaves structure is correspondingly raised to support the top sheet.

Loose, bolt-on cantilever

This type can be used for large span cantilevers of over 2m. The cantilever arm extends into the building to provide an adequate backing span and is bolted on to the top chord of the lattice.

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