Long Span Floor Beams

MLB supply a wide range of custom designed steel floor beams for a wide range of structural applications. As modern architecture evolves, so too does the composite technology that enables us to deliver first class structural steel beam systems, along with a wide range of fixing systems.

Traditional floor systems

Our Metsec lattice joists offer a simple solution for the construction of both conventional and mezzanine floors due to their excellent strength to weight ratio.  This means that a typical lattice joist can weigh up to 50% less than their hot rolled counterparts.

Of great importance to the designer is the fact that the internal space can be optimised by passing services through the web of the lattice joists rather than having to suspend them underneath causing a significant loss of headroom.

Similarly, the ability to insert flush fitting timber sections into the top and bottom chords offers a simple medium for the fastening of floor decking and/or plasterboard ceilings.

In addition to the direct reduction of the environmental footprint of a construction project by virtue of their lighter weight, lattice beams can also help to reduce the environmental footprint of the project by using off-site fabrication to speed up the construction process of the floor, as the lighter sections can generally be transported and handled more efficiently on site.

Walk-on ceiling support beams

Our parallel ceiling support beams can be used for a wide range of walk-on ceiling applications. Metsec lattice beams are frequently used to create a support structure for walk-on ceilings in which an interlocking system of steel faced planks is used to create a load bearing ceiling construction.

These systems are particularly popular in the creation of “clean rooms” where sealing the joints of these planks creates a closed ceiling void in which the high level mechanical and electrical services can be installed without the need for secondary floors or complex support systems.

Ceiling and service support structure

These systems provide an excellent solution to the location of services and are specifically designed to allow maintenance engineers to walk on top of the ceiling system. This facilitates the easy access to services and components without the need for the access equipment normally associated with more basic ceiling installations.

Mezzanine floors

Parallel floor joists can be used with C-sections supporting floor decking. We have completed a wide range of mezzanine floor projects using long span lattice joists designed to carry storage loadings.


If you require any further information, or you would like to discuss your floor beams requirements in more detail, please do get in touch.

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