Roof and Ceiling Systems

MLB Steel can offer the ideal solution for supporting a wide variety of roofing systems due to the excellent strength to weight ratio of our lightweight lattice beam systems.

A typical Metsec lattice beam can weigh up to 50% less than its hot rolled counterpart and yet still achieve spans of up to 40m without the need for intermediate support columns, allowing designers greater flexibility when working to optimise internal space as they allow services to pass through the web of the lattice rather than having to suspend them underneath causing a significant loss of headroom.

Similarly, their aesthetic properties mean that they can be supplied painted and left exposed as part of a ‘feature’ internal roof structure.  In addition to the lightweight feature, lattice beams can also help to reduce the environmental footprint of the project by using off-site fabrication to speed up the construction process, and the lighter sections can then be transported direct to site.

Curved truss with structural deck

Curved trusses can be used to support structural decks with a suspended ceiling. The natural open web of the truss allows for the simple passage of services.

Parallel beam laid to fall

Parallel beams can be used to support Z-section purlins bolted to cleats pre-welded to the top chord of the beam. Liner tray, insulation and metal deck provide the weather-proof layer and are fixed to the Z-section purlins.

Pitched truss with flush-fitting Z-section purlins

Pitched trusses are supported on a hot rolled steel structural frame. Z-section purlins are fitted flush to the top chord of the pitched trusses to support standing seam roof, or similar. Flush fitting Z-section purlins are often used to minimise the overall construction depth of the roof.

Parallel beam used as purlin

Parallel beams can be used as long span purlins supported on load bearing masonry walls. In this application timber firrings are fixed directly to flush fitting timber inserts in the top chord of the beam. Timber roof rafters are then fixed to the timber firrings to support counter battens, underlay, tiling battens and tile or slates.

Pitched truss used to support timber purlins

Traditional timber purlins can be supported on a Metsec pitched truss. Ply or similar sheathing is then used to support weatherproofing layers of battens, underlay and roof tiles or slates.


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