Steel Roof Beams

Lightweight Roof Beams

Lightweight steel lattice beams were first introduced by Metsec in the 1950’s and their inherent advantages very quickly established the product as the first choice for structurally sound, cost effective construction.

Since 2012 MLB have been the only independent manufacturer and supplier of the iconic Metsec lightweight lattice beam design. Through our continual research and development, MLB have advanced the quality and technical properties to deliver a singularly strong yet lightweight solution that runs in parallel with developments in building technology and architectural styles.

Complete Lightweight Systems

Metsec lightweight trusses, combined with SFS stand-alone walling systems, are becoming ever more popular for constructing complete structures. Our lattice beam and framing divisions work together closely to provide total construction solutions for developers.

Our complete wall and roof solutions are frequently installed through our framing division’s approved installer network. This cost-effective service provides efficiency and value for the modern construction industry.

MLB offer a wide range of joist and truss solutions which are custom designed and pre-engineered off site, including:

  • Parallel Beam
  • Pitched Truss
  • Tapered Truss
  • Inverted Truss
  • Parallel Pitched Beam
  • Curved Truss/Beam

We can achieve spans of up to 40m, and all of our designs give optimal levels of structural performance in roof, floor or any other application where lightweight and long span performance is important. All sections are designed in accordance with BS 5950-5:1998.

Key Features

Weights up to 50% less than hot rolled equivalents

Unique design properties can significantly reduce costs

Improve strength to weight ratios

Spans of up to 40m without the need for intermediate support columns

Allows designers greater flexibility when working to optimise internal space

Space is optimised by allows services to pass through the lattice

A choice of design and colour finishes

If you require any further information, or you would like to discuss your project with one of our design engineers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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